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Media Relations

Scenario creates an ongoing brand story that aligns with a client’s identity and vision. We develop compelling angles that earn media attention and differentiate clients from their competitors, reaching their desired audience and goals.

Event Marketing

Scenario brings brands to life through unique event ideation and execution, including virtual experiences. From large-scale to intimate, we know how to make a splash and maximize the halo effect of a flawless event. Scenario is an expert in all aspects from product launches to virtual programming, film festivals to charity fundraisers.

Influencer & Talent Relations

Scenario recognizes the impact that high-profile advocates can have on audiences. Leveraging our relationships inside Hollywood and with social influencers and business leaders, we tap the power of carefully chosen brand ambassadors (in lifestyle, fashion, film, television, music and sports) to engage consumers in an authentic and evocative way – turning brand advocates into consumer action.

Digital Marketing

Scenario turns your social media channels into powerful marketing tools — crafting a unique story, engaging with key audiences, and using a custom, hands-on approach that marries quality content with strategic paid investments. We work with you to lay the foundation of your digital presence, while providing distinct digital content and creative direction that effectively communicates your brand’s unique look, feel  and story across various platforms. We use cutting-edge tools to find the best-fit influencer partners for your brand’s objectives, assessing audience demographics and affinities; as well as understanding the ROI of your investment.

With Scenario, you can trust that your digital content, community and creative direction are in capable hands.

Our specialties

Beauty & Wellness

Our approach to the health, wellness and beauty industry is anything but skin deep. In an ever-growing space, we bring fresh and creative ideas, alongside years of media relations expertise, to distinguish and tout our clients’ unique stories, and products, from the crowd.

Consumer Products & Services

We develop a comprehensive, 360º approach combining media relations, event marketing and digital efforts to bring your product and services to market in a compelling and creative way. We have a long history of successfully supporting established and emerging brands alike in the home goods, corporate, luxury and lifestyle spaces.

Fashion & Accessories

From mass to contemporary, from household names to emerging brands, we understand and thrive in the fashion world. Our relationships with editors, reporters, producers and influencers run deep — boosted by significant entertainment connections that facilitate effective product seeding/styling to celebrities, stylists, makeup artists, producers, TV hosts and more.

Food, Beverage & Hospitality

Rooted in our passion for everything in the culinary and beverage space, we bring a seasoned team of communication strategists that appreciates and understands the unique passion and craft our clients bring to this industry. We excel in crafting compelling narratives, securing top-tier placements in leading publications, TV shows, and online platforms, not only in the food and beverage space, but across all lifestyle and business media.

Special Events

Scenario has publicized hundreds of red-carpet celebrity soirees, film festivals, award shows, charity fundraisers, musical concerts, brand parties, venue launches and more. From intimate to large-scale, we customize our services to the scope of each event against our client’s needs and budget. We work in tandem with a number of reputable event planners, helping to ideate theming, decor, venue selection, catering, entertainment and onsite experiences. We actively work to bolster our clients’ invitation lists by reaching out to appropriate celebrities, influencers and other VIPs, serving as a main communications hub for the client, event partners, guests and media.

Talent, Personalities & Experts

Scenario has worked closely with individuals to define their story and magnify their success. For clients who are considered talent, business experts, authors, lifestyle personalities and experts across all categories — from well-known TV icons to real estate and home decor gurus — we amplify their expertise and introduce them to wider audiences.

TV & Entertainment

Our team has a wealth of expertise and experience in working directly with networks (broadcast and cable), studios, production companies and producers. We deliver highly respected publicity and tune-in campaigns that elevate our clients and deliver maximized ROI, engaging the television community and industry as a whole, in addition to a proven track record of managing award campaigns.

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