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Sure, we’re into KPIs and ROI. But from our POV, another great measurement of success is happy clients. Some of ours have been with the founders of Scenario for years, and a few for more than a decade. We know we’re doing something right.

Scenario came together in 2018 and is led by veteran publicists with decades of experience. With a bicoastal presence in L.A. and New York, we’re a multidisciplinary communications agency offering unparalleled expertise across corporate, technology, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, home, television, entertainment and other areas.

In 2023, Scenario was named one of Inc’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America, ranking #229 in Advertising and Marketing, #378 in California and #2642 overall; and ranked among the PR Net 100, the preeminent list celebrating talent, innovation, and influence in the ever-evolving PR agency world.


Our values

Every enduring business is driven by core values. Our company, and our corporate culture, revolves around these seven:


Our approach

By definition, a Scenario is driven by imagination, strategy and action:


We bring unbridled creativity to our campaigns for companies and content, real-world consumer solutions and Hollywood fantasies alike.


Our team members are distinguished as expert strategists with an eye on each client’s goals, shaping brand stories in the most effective and resonant way.

Our founders

Hayley Antonian

Hayley Antonian has honed a successful two-decade career with a sharp focus on fashion, beauty, health/wellness, home and other lifestyle clients, and synergistic expertise across hospitality campaigns and brand/talent integrations. Prior to starting Scenario Communications, she was Senior Vice President of BWR Public Relations (a WPP Company) and an Account Executive at Marleah Leslie & Associates.

Ron Hofmann

Ron Hofmann is an award-winning public relations executive with nearly 35 years of experience leading campaigns for consumer lifestyle and entertainment clients including technology and beverage brands, film festivals and media personalities. Prior to starting Scenario Communications, he was Executive Vice President of BWR Public Relations (A WPP Company) and Senior Vice President for Rick Miramontez Company.

Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson has cultivated a reputation in corporate entertainment and consumer lifestyle spanning technology, fashion and destination clients, influencer marketing, and special events from film festivals to venue openings to red-carpet parties. Prior to starting Scenario Communications, he was Senior Vice President of BWR Public Relations (a WPP Company) and worked in the media relations departments at Universal Studios Orlando and HBO.

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